My back pain began in mid-March just as COVID 19 virus concerns were increasing. I endured the pain, and sleepless nights for 2 weeks before going to my PCP who recommended physical therapy. I had always quickly recovered from previous aches and pains and had never needed physical therapy before so I didn’t immediately call to schedule an appointment, not because of virus concerns but because I didn’t think I needed it. After a few more sleepless nights because of ongoing pain, I finally called Amherst Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment.

My only regret is that I didn’t call sooner. By that time, “social distancing” was the new normal so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Frequent hand washing, sanitization of equipment and surfaces and face mask use are all in place. When I visit the facility for treatment, I see for myself that Kurt is following strict cleaning and disinfecting protocol. Washing hands and cleaning surfaces several times during my appointment. I have been going to Amherst Physical Therapy since the end of March and am happy to say it has worked! I am no longer in pain, and building strength to hopefully prevent future back pain.

I highly recommend Amherst Physical Therapy.

Karen S.

In this time of the COVID19 pandemic it was hard for me to decide to continue my post operative therapy. I am over 70 yrs of age and active. I have been receiving PT for various physical problems over the past 5 years. Kurt is an amazing and gifted therapist. He always finds a way to address the physical issue that is tolerable for me to correct.

Post operative PT for knee joint replacement is very important because of the manipulations and deep tissue work necessary for the successful outcomes that I am striving for. Home excercises are also important and change as I progress.

I started my therapy right before the stay at home order started. Kurt is diligent with all the necessary sanitizing of the gym, equipment after client use, hand washing, for clients and himself, and he wears a mask as do I. The appointments are nicely spaced for client distancing and concerns. On entering I am asked if I have a fever and or flu symptoms. He is doing everything possible to keep the space safe for clients.

I am making progress in my healing process and feel supported by Kurts expertise. I highly recommend Amherst Physical Therapy especially now. It is an essential service to keep our bodies functioning optimally!

Barbara S

My 18 year old son was a counselor at a nearby camp this summer and saw Kurt for 8 weeks while he was there. He had done PT also in NY for several weeks for his neck. Kurt and the practice were amazing. They tried to be as flexible as possible with scheduling. Kurt was patient, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable. His taping, which my son hadn’t tried before, really helped him. Kurt would answer me whenever I contacted him (with my son’s permission) almost immediately. We will miss Kurt and the personalized experience at his practice!

Valerie P.

Had one of my best training runs yet for my august 5k today! hard work and practice are paying off nicely — kudos to Amherst PT for helping me with my tendinitis and ankle problems for the last four years!

Layth J.

They all are so great! I wouldn’t go anywhere else for physical therapy. They helped me with my knees and now they are helping me with my back.

Krystal C.

Alyssa is amazing, Faye is phenomenal and Kurt is incredible! Thanks for helping me heal so well after my wrist fracture! You have a friendly, fun atmosphere combined with knowledge and skill. I’ll recommend you guys to all my snowboarding friends 😉

Jenn L.

Amherst Physical Therapy has treated both my daughter and I as well as many if my friends. They are amazing at what they do! Our outcomes were obtained quicker and 100%. Hands down – the skill of Amherst Physical Therapy, the ease of scheduling, the kindness and professionalism is hard to find! Thanks Kurt for the many times you have treated my family and my friends – you really are the best!

Becky D.

Kurt Bergeron is the BEST! I have been to Amherst Physical Therapy a few times and have had great PT sessions there!

Debbie S.

The flexible appointments were very helpful in achieving my goals. Thanks again Kurt for all your help in pointing me in the right direction.

Patient X.

“… Kurt has exceptional knowledge, skill and experience. I most appreciate his explanations for what each of the exercises is intended to do and how his program allows me to attain the best outcome. I am very grateful to my doctor for referring me to Amherst Physical Therapy, and by my comments, I encourage others who require physical therapy to make use of Kurt’s talents.”

John F.