PT Month 2018: Thoughts on Physical Therapy

As October is Physical Therapy Month, we wanted to feature quotes from Amherst PT on physical therapy and what the profession means to us!

Today’s words are from Kurt Bergeron, MSPT; Owner of Amherst Physical Therapy:

What does it mean to be a PT: Being a Physical Therapist to me means being able to take a patient is limited in their daily life and being able to return them to their optimal level of function. To me it is also about having the time to really educate the patient as to their particular diagnosis and the factors that may influence that diagnosis. This is something that some of medical providers do not necessarily have the time to do during their visits.

Favorite part of my job: My favorite part of my job as a PT is the people. Getting to know a patient and the details about their life/family/job really give me an opportunity to tailor their treatments to their particular needs. We are given the opportunity to see our patients 2-3x/wk where their other medical providers may only see them once or twice a year and developing that relationship to me is one of the most important things that I can do for a patient. My personal philosophy has always been that patients that come to us for care would always rather be doing the things that they love, rather than getting treatment so it is my job to make the rehab experience for them fun and personal!