Quotes for World PT Day

In honor of World PT Day, which was just this week, we’re describing what being a physical therapist means to us!

From Kurt: “To me, being a PT means being able to help others in the community get back to doing whatever it is that they enjoy whether it be sports, work, household activities or just being able to live day to day with less discomfort. Patients come to us when they are in pain and limited with their day to day activities and trust that we will be able to help them. I consider it my duty to earn that trust. Treating a patient is not just treating their symptoms but learning about their family, their job and their hobbies. That ability to develop a personal relationship with a patient is one of the things that I most enjoy about my role as a Physical Therapist. To me, my biggest joy as a PT comes when someone is able to return to whatever activities they were limited in and seeing the joy in them as they achieve this success. I consider all my patients “patients for life”, and hope that once discharged from our care that they know that we are there for them at any time.”

From Lauren: “Being a PT is more than creating exercise programs and massage. It is a mix of compassion and knowledge to restore confidence in our patients. We guide them through difficult situations and give them meaningful parts of their lives back.”